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Information services
A complete credit rating costs 25.00 €, a short rating (also for individuals) costs 10.00 €, plus applicable VAT.

On request we can query changed trade register entries in a matter of minutes. Queries with trade and registry offices are part of our daily routine.

Consulting about prospects of success
Our claims management department cooperates closely with the departments for the different legal fields and will prior to any advice on the prospects of success and the implied process risks subject the claims bases to thorough inspection. Only after an initial extensive deliberation with the client, which will also be used to discuss possible pitfalls and increased risks, the procedure will be instituted.

Collection of outstanding debts
Use the downloadable power of attorney and also the provided questionnaire to mandate us to assert your claim if your debtor does not react to the first reminder. We will then demand from the debtor the extrajudicial payment. In the event that the latter will still not react, we will initiate the judicial dunning procedure and will permanently assist you up to the completion of the required actions.
As a matter of course we are also experienced in enforcements against real estates, i.e. our law firm would be pleased to represent you also in forced sale auctions.

In the event that a debtor made an oath of disclosure or does not have an attachable salary we would be ready to periodically control this debtor to see whether something has changed in his situation. Often these monitoring efforts lead to the unexpected payment through the debtor.

Online service

Please note the relocation of our firm and our contact details:

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