[Translate to EN:] Erbrecht und Unternehmensnachfolge

According to recent studies approximately 60,000 companies in Germany of any legal form are facing a generational change. Every third company succession fails due to inadequate planning and conception of the transfer. We have a holistic perspective on every case and help you to prevent errors in succession planning and thus to secure the future of your company in due consideration of all relevant aspects related to taxation, family and inheritance law.
We will consult and assist you – if necessary, together with our cooperation partners - and in comprehensive fashion

  • to protect your company,
  • to protect your pension provisions,
  • to prevent a loss of liquidity,
  • to select the appropriate successor,
  • for an equal treatment of your heirs,
  • to protect the assets of your family.

Your contacts for inheritance law and the law of company succession.

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